Osagie Enaiho

CEO + Chief Creative Officer

A serial entrepreneur and marketing maverick, domain name entrepreneur, real estate investor, philanthropist, speaker, and overall creative force – Osagie Enaiho is the CEO and Chief Creative Officer of Jewelry Candles & BathBombs.com His creative efforts with Jewelry Candles have been featured in numerous national and international media outlets and many television shows.

Before starting Jewelry Candles and BathBombs.com Osagie worked in the direct sales and marketing world running his own direct sales agency for over a decade representing some of the largest fortune 500 companies in the world. He also has a vast number of premium domain name assets that he has acquired and brokered to some of the largest companies in the world and of course for his own brands. These diverse experiences gave him a global perspective on what it takes to lead a brand, a business and a team.

He lives and breathes creativity and brings design brilliance to every aspect of business and life. This quality was a keystone in growing his brand from a $200 investment in his apartment to be a multi-million dollar, global business!

Osagie is a passionate voice in the minority male and female entrepreneurial scene with a mission to empower others to harness their personal strength, trust their intuition and live fearlessly. Sharing his journey of overcoming homelessness, he has inspired audiences across the country to live a life of their own design by showing up in the world as the truest expression of themselves. Through our brand new, re-launched independent consultant program, we are also looking to empower women (and men) to start their own successful direct sales businesses selling our amazing, one of a kind products! Interested in joining the Jewelry Candle family?! CLICK HERE!

In his spare time, you’ll find his creativity is alive and well whether its singing and writing faith based Christian music, spending time with his lovely wife and son or working on many of his new fragrance creations. While he travels across North America regularly, he feels most at home with his loved ones in Louisville, Kentucky.

Our Product

Jewelry Candles loves making candles, bath bombs, wax melts but what we love the most is surprises! We are in the business of fun and happen to make deliciously scented surprise fragrance products second. We are most famous for all the wonderful surprises people find in our fragrance products!

Jewelry Candles creates hand-poured luxury candles for every occasion – and for everyday. Our candles are made only with the highest quality vegan soy and vegetable wax blend and true to scent fragrance oils. All of our candles, bath bombs and wax melts feature a hidden surprise within each product. Each candle is hand poured with the highest attention to detail and lovingly housed in a beautiful re-usable glass vessel.

Our Name

The name Jewelry Candles is based on the the fact that our signature product, our Jewelry Candles, come with a jewelry surprise in every Jewelry Candle! The name was the perfect name for the product and that is why we chose the name “Jewelry Candles”!

Thank you for stopping by the Jewelry Candle company and have a blessed day!